About the Pageant

On eight evenings in June, a cast of over 800 depict with dance, music and drama, on a stage larger than a football field, some of the most compelling and dramatic scenes from ancient American history. Witness for yourself an epic struggle of good and evil and characters you will never forget: Captain Moroni, Ammon, King Lamoni, Mormon, Samuel the Lamanite and others.

As you sit under a canopy of stars –the beautiful Manti Temple rising before you — you can look to the east and see the beauty of the hills much as it was when these ancient people lived and died. For the first time, the visit of the resurrected Christ to these ancient people will be portrayed in The Mormon Miracle Pageant. You will see Him appear to the people at the end of the terrible destruction that accompanied His crucifixion. You will see Him heal the sick and comfort their children. You will learn how the record of this sacred visit was written and preserved for our time.

You will see this ancient record delivered to Joseph Smith. As the events surrounding the translation of the records are portrayed, you will meet the people God selected to help Joseph with the translation and publication the Book of Mormon. You will follow the lives of a fictional couple, Robert and Mary Henshaw, as they search for religious truth. In a breathtaking finale, you will receive with Robert and Mary the profound knowledge that love and families are truly eternal in nature.

Imagine yourself seated at the base of the majestic Sanpete mountains, with a crisp canyon breeze tickling your cheeks and a ceiling of stars overhead as the saga of the Mormon Miracle Pageant unfolds before your eyes. The Mormon Miracle Pageant waits to share with you and your family another testament of Christ.

Food is allowed on the temple grounds and fast foods of several kinds are available near the pageant area. Please cleanup after yourselves and carry out any garbage you bring in.

For pageant information, call 1-866-961-9040 .

The Sanpete County Travel Information Center

  • 191 North Main
  • Manti, UT 84642
  • Phone: 435-835-4321

has further information about the local area. Many families camp at local parks and campgrounds. We urge all pageant visitors to strictly observe speed limits and traffic laws. Please, treat the private property of local residents with respect.