As you arrive to Manti for the pageant, the Sanpete County Sheriff’s office reminds you that there is no stopping or unloading along Main street or U.S. Highway 89, in order to ensure the flow of traffic.

All parking is located within the Manti City limits, with no parking permitted on either side of U.S. Highway 89 or in the Manti Cemetery. There is also no parking on 100 East between 300 North and 400 North, after 5:00pm.

Visitors are encouraged to plan ahead and park on the east side of town, if traveling north after the conclusion of the Pageant. If you plan to leave Manti to the south, you are encouraged to park on the west side of town. This will make your departure much more timely and convenient.

Handicap parking is also available on 400 North in Manti. Signs and traffic control officers will direct you to the proper area for handicap parking. Tour bus parking is located on the west side of the Manti Cemetery, which can be accessed by turning west on the road just north of the cemetery.

To ensure safety, pedestrians are asked to only cross Main street at the designated crosswalks. There are several crosswalks that will have crossing guards to assist you.