R. Morgan Dyreng

R. Morgan Dyreng, who has given much time, labor, material, unwavering direction and love to the pageant from the beginning, shares some memories: "Our thoughts turn back to 170 experiences (24 years) each similar yet different -our feelings and doings at the close of each of these Mormon Miracle presentations.

"With each season and production something new was introduced or happened to the pageant by the more than 1000 people who comprised the cast or the supporting services - everyone a volunteer and each feeling that the pageant in some small way belonged to him/her.  Through all those years, a few tears are shed as young Joseph has affirmed to his mother, 'I know Mother - because I have seen and talked with God the Father and his Son, Jesus Christ, and they told me so!'

"From the woman on the plains protecting her baby from the storm by the bend of her back, 'This is not rain you feel, my darling, these are my tears. My tears are those of only one, but they are mingling with the tears of Heaven this night.'

"Robert declares, 'Joseph Smith is truly a latter-day Prophet!'

"Joseph Smith teaches them, 'Men and women who love and marry and have children, keeping the commandments of the Lord, under the new and everlasting covenant, shall remain a family unit throughout all the eternities!'

"Mary says, 'Robert, Robert, Come, I've been waiting for you!' We have shed tears each evening as the great anthem, 'An Apostrophy to the Heavenly Hosts', is sung as the angels welcome Robert and Mary back to their Heavenly home and as the last 'Amen and Amen' is pronounced.

"Then as the solemn and reverent audience quietly moves from the temple, the yellow school buses drive to the Seminary building, and the costumes are put back on racks by wardrobe people to be ready for tomorrow, the gathering of the department leaders and many others occurs. Quick evaluations are made - crowd numbers are calculated. Sound, lighting, new scenery and staging arrangements are discussed, and from the crowd come special guests - always praising the production. Traffic moves in double lanes, passing the temple grounds at increasing speeds, being directed by Highway Patrolmen, Sheriff's Officers, City police and volunteer assistants from the local Search and Rescue Corps. We find our way home through back streets. Usually the following morning, a drive around the city park reveals the hundreds who have been camping in the park or in their R.V's, parking compactly on both sides of the streets around the park. Everywhere in the streets of Manti and the surrounding areas people have spent the night in their R.V's.

We drive to the pageant site to check things out. By 7 a.m. the Primary children of the stakes have completely cleaned the temple grounds and surrounding areas. The grounds are spotless and the lost and found articles have been turned in. With heartfelt thanks to Heavenly Father, we know again that he has been with the pageant. As pageant chairman, the great miracle has been the faithful, dedicated and selfless service of the hundreds of people, in the casts and all other supporting services who the have presented the Mormon Miracle Pageant to an estimated 2,200,000 guests."

Morgan passed away in 2001.