50-year History Book of the Mormon Miracle Pageant

2016 will mark the 50
th anniversary of the Manti Mormon Miracle Pageant. As part of the commemoration, a book highlighting the pageant’s history, people, and stories will be produced under the direction of the Pageant Presidency.  Merilyn Jorgensen, Pageant Historian, is compiling content for the book.

All who have been part of the Pageant in any capacity are invited and encouraged to record their memories of the people, events and impressions experienced.  If you feel so inclined, please share any of your recorded notes for possible inclusion in the commemorative publication. You are further asked to pass this request on to family and friends.  

Did you have Pageant experiences, feelings or observations that impacted your testimony or actions?   Seemingly insignificant data, such as changes that occurred, or people you worked with are also valuable information that add up to a more complete story.  

We are looking for the following photos:

  • Any photos taken in 1967, 1968, 1969
  • Early turkey BBQ crews
  • The ambulance/crew on call, stationed across from the Pageant grounds
  • Officers directing traffic
  • Busses, parked or parking
  • Nephite dance costumes from early 1972-3—  (silver/black or silver/blue metallic stripes)
  • Food Booths near the grounds in early years
  • Primary children cleaning the grounds
  • Flag poles around the north end of Manti Main Street—and names or comments of any missionaries who supplied early flags
  • Back-stage areas during performance or rehearsal

See the Table of Contents here: Table of Contents

Please send information to mmhistory4book@gmail.com      435-835-5872

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