First time to the Manti Pageant? Here’s what you need to know!

So, you’re coming to the Manti Pageant, welcome! As a new mom, I know how important it is to know what you’re getting into, before heading off to a new adventure. For all you moms out there (and anyone else who likes to have a plan) here is a list of things I would want to know if I were coming to the Manti Pageant for the first time.


Handicap Parking – Just southwest of the Temple Grounds on 400 north the road is blocked off specifically for handicap parking.

Paid Parking – There is paid parking available across the street west from the temple in the Manti High School Parking lot on 500 North.

Free Parking – City streets are available to park on for free. As long as there are no cones marking an area, you are free to park there. Please be respectful of driveways. Most likely you will end up parking several blocks away, I would recommend wearing shoes you do not mind walking in.


The gates open at 6pm. There are several seating options for you.Continue reading